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First-ever board edger for flooring factory


Nysågat was present to see the first board edger delivered to a customer in the USA. Purchaser Mike Boberg is CEO of a family company that has been supplying wood flooring since 1925. Their equipment already includes two four-sided planer/moulders from Logosol. The new board edger makes the flooring company's production line more cost-effective, while giving access to valuable off-cuts.


Boberg Hardwood Floors in northern California produces and installs bespoke wood floors for customers. The company has extensive experience of flooring production, with a history stretching back to the 1920s. Today, the business is run by Mike Boberg. Their range includes the Kährs brand, and production in recent years has used a Logosol PH260 four-sided planer/moulder.


When updating their equipment, they chose the larger four-head PH360 model, which will initially be used for profiling. At the same time Logosol's board edger was launched on the American market, and Mike Boberg immediately saw the benefits of this machine.


Our sawn timber was previously sent away for dimensioning, a job that was paid per running metre. By investing in a board edger we hope to handle the dimensioning ourselves, while also gaining access to valuable off-cuts that can be used for floor patterns and corner mouldings.


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