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Cutting oak with Big Mill System


big mill 475How do you cut an oak log that is one meter in diameter and weighs nearly 2 tonnes? We used the Big Mill System from LOGOSOL — the perfect equipment for this job!


The owner of the oak log asked LOGOSOL for help. The mighty oak was just over one meter in diameter and 2.5 meters long.

“Fresh oak weighs about 900 kg/m3, so the log must have weighed almost 2 tonnes. With a heavy load like that, it’s a big advantage if you can cut without having to lift the log onto a sawmill. This job was perfect for the Big Mill Pro and the Big Mill System,” says LOGOSOL's product manager Mattias Byström, who took up the challenge.

It took four people to lift the first slab away.

“The boards we cut weighed about 50 kg each,” says Mattias Byström, showing off the amazing result.

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4 days, 4 hours left of the campaign! Click here!

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