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New, lighter and better solutions for the industry

Finding new and lighter solutions is part of our philosophy. In our stack cutter model, we have included the best. Logosol's stack cutter is mobile, accurate and very affordable. It is already appreciated by many who manufacture pallets and boxes. Just like our frame saw, rip saw assistant and circular resaw, it is developed for industrial use.

Logosol-Laks Frame Saw

The efficiency and the operational reliability of Logosol-Laks frame saw make it belong in a class by itself. Many small-scale sawyers who today use a circular sawmill, a band sawmill or a Logosol Sawmill can reach industrial capacity with the help of the Logosol Laks frame saw.


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Logosol Stack Cutter

Cut board stacks cost-effectively - with impressive precision. With Logosol's stack cutter you can cut your board stacks with an accuracy down to +/- 2 mm (1/16"). This is due to our portal technique, where the guide bar is fitted at both ends. The accuracy is significantly better than comparable stack cutters that have turnable guide bars, i.e. radial cutting.


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Logosol Circular Resaw

Cut your timber into accurate dimensions. Logosol's circular resaw provides you with lumber of exactly the dimensions you desire. The circular resaw quickly and easily gives you high-precision results, and you can manage the entire process without help. The machine works on both seasoned and fresh-cut timber. The machine's construction is based on simple technology and is therefore extremely reliable in service.


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