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DH410 2-cutter Moulder Buy Watch video Images

DH410 2-cutter Moulder

A sturdy planer with side cutter

Plane really wide pieces, up to 410 mm! This machine has the same stable design as the four-sided PH260, with cast-iron table, feed and separate motors for each cutter. You get the same fine results. The difference is that the DH410 works with two cutters instead of four. You pass the workpiece twice through the machine when you want to machine it on four sides. The DH410 is mainly used by customers who want a machine that can produce the same result as a 4-sided planer/moulder, but can accept that the work takes a little longer. You get a fully-fledged planer/moulder that can produce all possible standard and special profiles. The DH410 is ideal for your building project and for you who cuts your own timber. Many customers have used this machine for making tapered floorboards.


Low-friction inlay in the machine table ensures smooth feeding.

Max. planing dimensions: 410x260 mm.

A rotaional speed of 6000 rpm gives a very fine surface!

Separate start of the three motorers.

Clear scales with fixed steps.

Sturdy in- and out-feed tables, which follow the settings of the machine table, are availble as accessories.

Can be equipped with castors for easy moving.

New! Now even better!

New design.

Extended planing length with standard in-feed tables.

Better in-feed guidance.

Easier adjustment of fences.

Chip outlet for top cutter is 125 mm in diameter and has a new design.

20 mm top cutter profile depth.

Stronger bearing in top cutter.

It does the same job as the 4-sider – at a lower price!

Machine up to 410 mm wide and 260 mm high workpieces. You can make tapered floorboards and panelling.

The side cutter spindle is 30 mm. Choose cutters that can make deeper profiles when making windows.

For production of tongue and groove, finished mouldings, flooring and panelling.


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