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B1001 Hydraulic Band Sawmill Buy Images

B1001 Hydraulic Band Sawmill

Logosol B1001 Hydraulic The world's best hydraulic band sawmill! Quality in every detail.

Logosol's fully hydraulic sawmill B1001 Hydraulic is a fantastic sawmill where the operator controls the sawing process from the control unit. You get an efficient and comfortable sawing experience. With only one hand, you can lift the log from the ground and rotate the log in the correct position without effort. Handling up to 2000 kilos with a simple grip is a great feeling. This is a wise choice for those who want an absolute top-class band sawmill that is a pleasure to saw with!

The following hydraulics are included

Control unit and hydraulic unit (included)
Swiveling panel, adjustable in height and sideways for good visibility during loading and sawing. Fully prepared to be integrated into the Smart Set so you can control everything from the same panel.

Manual control with 5 different functions: Log clamp, 2x top lift and log rotator, log support.

✔ 4 liter oil tank and 3.15 cm³ oil pump.
✔ Control panel can be raised, lowered, and rotated for better visibility.
✔ Can be locked for transport.
✔ Working platform [680 x 950 mm] to protect the power unit. Applies to electric version only. Protects the hydraulic unit and becomes a convenient platform to stand on when filling water.
Top and root toeboards  
Set the saw cut parallel to the log's core and get a straight cut flush with the log's fibers to maximize yield. Also features heavy-duty log rollers so you can position the log lengthwise on the sawmill.

Log bed HD (tubular construction)
Extra strong log bed with top and root toeboards.

Log roll: Ø 100 mm
Max. lifting height: 70 mm

Log rotator
With hydraulically powered toothed chain to rotate the log to the best position for optimal saw yield. 

Log support
The 300 mm high log supports are easily controlled from the control unit. They are mechanically linked, which means that they are always set at the same height. This is a great advantage for avoiding sawing in the log supports as you know that you are free above the first log support.
Quantity: 2 supports
Function: Mechanically coupled log supports that automatically assume the same vertical position. 
Stroke: The log supports can move 305mm up and down.
Material: 40 mm stainless steel profile and linkage consisting of 8 mm laser cut plates. Steel bearing housing. 
Bearings: Double sets of bushes and dust seals on each log support. 
Operation: A double acting hydraulic cylinder with 150 mm stroke, connected to the linkage. 
Log clamp 
Hydraulically controlled arm that pushes the log against the log support. It can also turn the log or block.

Double horizontal guides, profile 2 x 40 mm 
Min. clamping width: 20 mm
Max. clamping width: 700 mm
Vertical stroke: 300 mm
Bearings: Double bushings and dust seals for all linear movements of the log holder.
Operation: A double-acting hydraulic cylinder with 300 mm stroke, connected to a 40 mm rod for vertical movement.
A double-acting hydraulic cylinder with 200 mm stroke, connected to a linkage for horizontal movement.

Options for B1001 Hydraulic

Log loader
Two rough arms that lift the log from the ground onto the saw bed.
Trailer kit
Trailer kit with support legs, wheel axle capacity 1300kg

More information on the sawmill

Logosol B1001 is an extremely stable band sawmill that gives you professional capacity. The heavy-duty saw rail is designed to easily handle the weight of the huge logs that the sawmill can handle. The sawmill is Swedish-made and has a revolutionary design.

Saw 4.8 meters long logs with up to 1001 mm in diameter! The sawmill can also be extended. With fixed steps, you easily saw the dimensions you want on the board, just as quickly and accurately every time. The sturdy tubular steel log bed is spacious and suitable for installation directly on the ground or on a trailer. A tubular construction optimizes torsional rigidity. This results in a light and strong rail that stays straight even under the largest logs.

Log clamps with sturdy handles and robust design fix the log with great force without damaging the wood. The feature locks just as well on first cuts as when sawing the last thin board. Patented.

The sophisticated design provides vibration-free and precise sawing. The rail and log bed are well-designed, and the steel construction is specially adapted for sawing directly on the ground.

Best-in-class band blade wheels that blow out chips and keep things clean and tidy, both inside the saw head and on the job site.

Smart choices for a sawmill experience customized for your needs. You can choose from several different motor options depending on your preferences. The B1001 also has smart control systems for saw cut adjustment, feed, hydraulics, trailer kit, log moulder and other accessories that you can read more about below.

We love sawing and developing the world's best sawmills! Since its start in 1989, Logosol has sold tens of thousands of sawmills worldwide. We develop and produce the sawmills in our own factory in Sweden with a focus on intelligent design and high quality. Registering your machine gives you a 5-year warranty - the best warranty in the industry.

With a strong community, innovative technology, and unrivaled quality, we are the obvious choice for your woodworking projects. Welcome to the community!

B1001 Hydraulic - Key/unique benefits that customers appreciate!

  • You can load, position, lock and rotate the log completely using the hydraulics.
  • Direct the sawing from the control unit and avoid all heavy body moments.
  • The system's control unit is designed for the best working position and good visibility when sawing by being adjustable in height and sideways.
  • The hydraulics are dimensioned for coarse logs up to 2 tonnes, i.e. as large as the bandsaw can handle.

Choose one of our powerful engine options

All engine options for Logosol bandsaws are carefully selected for a perfect sawing experience! We offer several interesting motors, both economical options and power in abundance. We recommend one of the electric motors for stationary installation as they are quieter and more powerful. The petrol engines are suitable for those who want to move the sawmill or do not have access to electricity at the sawing site.

23hp petrol engine (Briggs & Stratton) with electric start
Briggs & Stratton has over 100 years of experience building powerful and reliable engines.

Starting method: Electric start
Type of engine: 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine
Cylinder volume: 627 cc  

27 hp petrol engine (Loncin) with electric start
An engine with a modern design for those who want extra power under the hood. The engine is used by many well-known brands, such as BMW and Husqvarna. 22% larger than the Briggs & Stratton 23 hp. You get a very strong and efficient engine at a good price. You can easily start the engine with electric start. 

Starting method: Electric start
Engine type:
Cylinder volume:
764 cc

12 KW electric motor
An extremely strong and efficient electric motor delivers over 25 hp at maximum load. It is perfectly suited for sawing heavy and oversized timber. For extra safety, you can easily start the motor by holding down two buttons.

Starting method:
Electric start. Easily start the engine by holding down two buttons for extra safety.
Type of motor:
Electric 3-phase 400V
12 kW
Electrical system:
We recommend at least 25 A fuse. Supplied with 32 A glove.

Choose the height setting for your band sawmill

Logosol bandsaws have smart control systems for different operations. You choose either Cut Set or Easy Set to adjust the height of the saw head, and you can also buy the Pro Set, which is an intelligent control of the Easy Set. If you have the Pro Set, you also have the option to buy Pro Feed, which feeds the saw head back and forth through the log.

It is possible to upgrade from Cut Set to Easy Set afterward, but it will be more expensive than buying Easy Set directly. When you purchase Easy Set, the control system is prepared to add Pro Set and then Pro Feed, automatic remote feeding and everything fits in the same box mounted on the side of the sawmill.

A model with hydraulics is also available for the B1001 and it is also possible to upgrade the B1001 with hydraulics afterwards. This system lifts the log from the ground and rotates it into the correct position. Together with Easy Set, Pro Set and Pro Feed, you can get a fully automatic sawmill where you control the sawing from the control panel at the saw end.

Cut Set (manual height adjustment) 
The market´s best manual crank with millimeter scale on the market gives you a precise adjustment of the saw head.

  • The scale and mechanics allow you to set the height in millimeter steps for absolute precision.
  • Easily read the measurements on clear scales and adjust the pointer for optimal viewing angle, making reading the scales easy.
  • The ergonomic design gives you a comfortable sawing experience. Thanks to separate ratchet and crank functions, you can easily operate the ratchet with your left hand and crank with your right.
  • You can customize the crank handle to adjust the speed and resistance to your own preferences. A clever gear ratio makes adjustment easy.
  • A Last Cut indicator on the height scale remembers your last cut and provides a clear reference for the next one. You work quickly and comfortably and get a perfect cutting result.

The saw cut adjustment crank also has a push handle that guides the saw unit back and forth through the log.

Easy Set (motorized height adjustment)
Simplify height adjustment and avoid hand cranking with the Easy Set!

  • The Easy Set makes it easy to raise and lower the saw head at the touch of a button.
  • After adjusting the saw head, the position is read on the scale, and fine-tuning is done using an adjacent knob. This allows you to position the saw blade exactly where you want it easily.
  • The handle positions the operator further out from the saw kerf, facilitating sawing accessibility. The handle is adjustable in height and can be turned away for road transport.
  • It is possible to add Pro Set, the automatic height adjustment, to the Easy Set. Then, you can also add Pro Feed, our smart feed that moves the saw head back and forth on the rail at an adjustable speed.
  • To feed the saw carriage, the sawmill is equipped with a smart control handle that you use to move the saw carriage back and forth on the rails. The handle is adjustable in height, and you can also adjust the angle of the control panel. When not in use, the control handle is easy to fold away.
  • A Last Cut indicator on the scale also remembers your last cut and becomes a reference for the next one. This makes it easier for the sawyer to produce wood in precisely the correct dimensions every time. You work quickly and comfortably and get a perfect sawing result.

Pro Set (automatic height adjustment)
Pro Set, is a computer setworks, an intelligent control of the Easy Set that you can program for different saw yields. This is an accessory for those who have a sawmill with Easy Set.

  • All the cutting information is available on a display, and you easily control the exact position of the saw head at the touch of a button.
  • Program which cuts you want to make, either individual thicknesses or a series of the same thicknesses.
  • The Pro Set helps you calculate the number of boards and planks you can get out of the log and the order that will give you the maximum yield.
  • Pro Set is ideal for those looking for high quality and ease of sawing.
  • Pro Set requires: Easy Set - Motorized height adjustment.

Pro Feed (smart controller to drive the saw carriage back and forth)
From a control unit at the end of the sawmill, you can drive the saw carriage back and forth on the rails at an adjustable speed. The operator arm is foldable for an optimal overview when sawing. You don't have to walk with the saw carriage in noise and sawdust spray, and the feed rate is even and optimized for best results. Very ergonomic design and is easy to use.

The feed is combined with the Pro Set, where you can also set the saw cut from the operator arm (raise-lower the saw head) either manually or by setting different "recipes" for how you want to saw the next cut. The feed is by chain and available for 12V and 400V (petrol saw / electric saw).

Get started quickly and easily - all this is included.

The sawmill comes partially pre-assembled with a detailed manual on assembling and fine-tuning the bandsaw for perfect cutting results. It is easy to set up, and you get a perfect result right away!

The purchase also includes:

1 bandsaw blade Bahco Sandcut Solid - a good bandsaw blade with fantastic quality. This blade can be sharpened about 10 times, most easily with Logosol's automatic band blade grinder robot.

Last Cut indicator Remembers your last cut and becomes a reference for the next one.

Adjustable feet For easy adjustment of the sawmill.

2 log clamps Smart patented log clamps that fixes the log with great force without damaging the wood. The function keeps the log in place and locks just as well at the first cut as when sawing the last thin board.

2 pcs Log supports, low
Lower log support included with all band sawmills. It can be adjusted in three positions. Facilitates the sawing of thinner timber. Complete your sawmill with more log supports to make it easier to handle logs of varying lengths.

2 log supports, high
B1001 include high log supports, which facilitates the sawing of larger timber. Complete your sawmill with more log supports to make handling logs of varying lengths easier.

Water cooling
Elegant and practical design with an integrated water tank.

Adjustable blade guide
Adjustable and luxurious blade guide that everyone wants for great results.

5-year warranty Register your machine for the best warranty in the industry! Read more here.

Opportunity to upgrade and expand!


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