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B751 Band Sawmill Buy Watch video Images

B751 Band Sawmill

The Logosol B751 is a sturdy and smart log saw that cuts best in class!

Logosol B751 is a reliable and stable band sawmill that is easy to use. Many customers say that this sawmill is in a class of its own. It is sturdier, has smarter functions, and has a better design compared to other sawmills in the same price range. Swedish design and manufacturing with thoughtful, built-in features.

Saw 4.8 meters long logs up to 751 mm in diameter! The sawmill can also be extended. With fixed steps, you can easily cut the dimensions you want on the board just as quickly and accurately every time. User-friendly settings and smart features that make sawing easy!

The sophisticated design ensures vibration-free and precise sawing. The rail and log bed are well designed with a steel structure specially adapted for sawing directly on the ground. For the B751, a variety of smart accessories are available to upgrade and customize the sawmill to specific needs, although the range is more limited compared to the B751 Pro and B1001, which have a different rail.

Best track wheels in the industry with blowing out chips and keeping it clean and tidy, both inside the saw head and on the job site.

We love sawing and developing the best sawmill in the world! Since its start in 1989, Logosol has sold tens of thousands of sawmills around the world. We develop and produce the sawmills in our own factory in Sweden, focusing on smart design and high quality. When you register your machine, you get a 5-year warranty - the best warranty in the industry.

With a strong community, innovative technology, and unrivalled quality, we are the obvious choice for your woodworking projects. Welcome to the community!

B751 - Key/unique benefits that customers appreciate!

  • Super strong band wheels with fan blades that blow away sawdust and keep the band wheels clean and cool.
  • The saw head is adjusted with heavy-duty chains in precise steps, which ensures identical dimensions throughout the log.
  • Adjustable and luxurious blade guide that everyone wants for great results.
  • Favorite -Last Cut indicator on the scale that remembers your last cut and becomes a reference for the next one.
  • Customize your sawmill according to your needs and projects. Extend, upgrade and maximize! Optional log cutter - mill logs or plane wide beams.

Choose one of our powerful engine options

All engine options for Logosol bandsaws are carefully selected for a perfect sawing experience! We offer several interesting motors, both economical options and power in abundance. We recommend one of the electric motors for stationary installation as they are quieter and more powerful. The petrol engines are suitable for those who want to move the sawmill or do not have access to electricity at the saw site.

13 hp petrol engine (Briggs & Stratton)
Briggs & Stratton has over 100 years of experience building powerful and reliable engines. A powerful engine that delivers perfect results.
Starting method: Pull start
Type of engine: 1-cylinder petrol engine with pull start.
Cylinder capacity: 420cc

15 hp petrol engine (Loncin) with electric start
This powerful engine is for those who want extra power under the hood. Many well-known brands, such as BMW and Husqvarna, use it. It runs smoothly and gives perfect results.
Starting method: Electric start
Type of engine: 1-cylinder 4-stroke petrol engine
Cylinder capacity: 420 cc

Electric motor 4.6 kW
Highly efficient electric motor that delivers almost twice the rated power during sawing. In terms of horsepower, 9.5 hp. An economical choice that can handle normal farm sawing very well. For those who saw a lot and sometimes oversize, we recommend 8 kW.

Starting method: Electric start. You simply start the engine by holding down two buttons for extra safety.
Type of motor: 400 V 3-phase electric motor
Electrical system: 3 phase 400 V. We recommend at least 16 A fuse. Supplied with 16 A glove.
Height adjustment for B751

Sawing with fixed steps

This model combines proven technology with innovative solutions. The saw head is adjusted with fixed steps, giving you a quick and precise adjustment of the saw cut. The simplified adjustment of the saw cut is an apparent legacy of the Solo saw. One turn of the crank is always 1 inch and one step compensates for the thickness of the cut.
The Last Cut indicator on the scale also remembers your last cut and becomes a reference for the next one. This makes it easier for the sawyer to produce wood in precisely the correct dimensions every time. You work quickly and comfortably and get a perfect sawing result.

Get started quickly and easily - all this is included

The sawmill comes partially pre-assembled with a detailed manual on assembling and fine-tuning the bandsaw for perfect cutting results. The sawmill is easy to set up, and you get a perfect result immediately!

The purchase also includes:

1 pc Bandsaw blade Bahco Sandcut Solid - a good bandsaw blade with a fantastic quality. This blade can be sharpened up to about 10 times, most easily sharpened with Logosol's automatic belt sander.

Last Cut indicator Remembers your last cut and becomes a reference for the next one.

2 log clamps Smart patented log holder that fixes the log with great force without damaging the wood. The function keeps the log in place and locks just as well on the first cut as when you saw the last thin board.

2 pcs Log supports, low
Lower log support is included in all band sawmills. It can be adjusted in three positions and facilitates the sawing of thinner timber. Complete your sawmill with more log supports to make handling logs of varying lengths easier.

Adjustable feet For easy adjustment of the sawmill.

Water cooling
Elegant and practical design with an integrated water tank.

Adjustable blade guide
Adjustable and luxurious blade guide that everyone wants for a great result.

5-year warranty Register your machine for the best warranty in the industry! Read more here.

Opportunity to upgrade and expand!


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