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A sawmill in progress

Our first sawmill was introduced in 1989, and the successful Logosol Sawmill still forms the base for our range of products. Over the years, the Logosol Sawmill has gone through seven steps of development, from Model 1 to Model 8. The construction of aluminium, which makes our sawmill suitable for both stationary and mobile use, is essentially the same. Logosol's sawmills have a sturdy design and an impressive accuracy, new features, and an improved structure. They are easy to set up where the logs to be sawn lie.

Most sawyers think that the best thing about the sawmill is the satisfaction you feel when you have cut your own timber. Job satisfaction and pride are the best we can give to our customers.

Logosol M8

With the Logosol Sawmill M8 you can quickly produce high-class planks and boards from your logs, in the length and dimensions of your choice. If you have not cut timber before, the M8 is the perfect choice. You will quickly get started and the sawmill is very easy to use. The first day you will already have produced a good-sized stack of planks and boards. The sawmill is simple to use – and easy to own.


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Farmer's Sawmill

The Farmer's Sawmill is a neat and portable mini-sawmill with all the functions necessary to do a really good job. The design, with a lighter saw carriage and 4-metre guide rail, makes the sawmill extremely flexible and easy to use.


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Equip your sawmill with original accessories to meet your specific needs!


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Saw Units

Which saw unit suits you best? Choose between chainsaw, bandsaw and log moulder.


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Chains and Bars

Cutting equipment for chainsaws and electric saws.


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Bandsaw Mill MN26

The LumberMan MN26 has already become a bestseller in Canada, and is now introduced as the smallest model in Logosol’s band sawmill line. This sawmill has been developed with the same well-tried technology that was used for the larger band sawmills, and it has the same sleek format.


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Bandsaw Mill LM29

The LM29 is a reliable and stable log band sawmill that is easy to maintain. The smooth format makes it easy to fix the logs and set the board thickness. Although the sawmill can handle really thick logs, up to 72,5 cm (29"), it is more suited to standard coniferous forest. For a medium-sized log band sawmill, the LM29 is extremely stable and gives you vibration free and accurate sawing.


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Bandsaw Mill HD36

Logosol Norwood HD36, known as the LumberPro in North America, is an entirely new sawmill that has all the advantages you would otherwise find in a significantly larger and more expensive band sawmill. This mill delivers what you expect from it, and gets the job done quietly and efficiently.


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Log Moulder LM410

The log moulder for band sawmills is a jointer/planer and a moulder that can process cants of dimensions up to 600 x 600 mm (24'' x 24''). It is very stable and runs on the same rails as the saw head for the LM40 and the LM Pro, for example. The cutter head is 410 mm (16'') wide, which enables you to mould large logs for building log houses.


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Equip your sawmill with original accessories to meet your specific needs!


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Band Grinder

An automatic grinding machine which gives your blades the required sharpness.


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Bandsaw Blades

No matter what bandsaw you have, you will find the right blades at Logosol.


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Board Edger

Logosol C210

With LOGOSOSL’s board edger C210 it has never been more profitable or easier to get a good result. With the patented design you can from a compact machine get the result that you earlier could get only from the more expensive board edgers. You increase your production significantly, no matter if you have a LOGOSOL Sawmill, a band sawmill or a circular saw. You get more out of the log.


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